Encozyme NADH (10mg)


Directly active form of vitamin B3
Contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism

NADH is a coenzyme found in every living cell. NADH is an important component in many diverse processes in the body and for this reason was also referred to as coenzyme.

  • Supports the energy level.
  • Directly active form of vitamin B3.
  • Stabilized coenzyme through microencapsulation.
30 V-capsules 10 mg
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More Information
Nutrients Coenzym Q10
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NADH and NAD are both derivatives of vitamin B3: NAD is its oxidized form, NADH the active, coenzymatic version. Food, in the form of meat, poultry and fish, also provides NADH. NADH is a highly unstable substance that is extremely sensitive to light and oxygen. With a new, patented manufacturing process, NADH is available for processing in capsules via microencapsulation with chlorophyll.

Filler (microcrystalline cellulose), Stabilizer (palm oil, beeswax, chlorophyll, capsule: HPMC), NADH, Anti-caking agent (magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide), Colorant (capsule: titanium dioxide, copper complex of chlorophyll).

Suggested use
1 to 2 times daily 1 capsule with a glass of water. Preferably half an hour before breakfast on an empty stomach. If necessary take a second capsule in the afternoon, on an empty stomach. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. A dietary supplement can not replace a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children. For optimal storage conditions, store in a cool, dry place. (59° -77° F / 15°-25° C) (35-65% relative humidity). 

This product contains 30 V-capsules.

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