1. Brand Independence from a clients view

    Your clients have more and more choice of which therapist(s) to go to with their problem. Trainings are springing up and with them the number of therapists.
    The level of training is also increasing. This is a good thing, because the quality of treatments continues to improve and the integration of regular and complementary treatments continues.

    To further professionalize within your practice, a wide selection of nutritional supplements is more of a must than an option. After all, for each specific client, you choose exactly the combination of supplements that fit that particular case. By doing so, you also demonstrate to your client that you are not an extension of 1 brand and are making an objective choice.

    Working in a brand-independent manner has several advantages:

  2. Free acces to Therapeutic Care

    Free acces to Therapeutic Care

    Nutrition Company partners with the Therapeutic Care Foundation.

    This foundation aims to share orthomolecular knowledge and bring therapists together.
    Therapeutic Care offers not only a lot of free articles on a variety of topics, but also various Expert Trainings and Product Trainings.
    These trainings can be found in the private E-Learning environment.

    Nutrition Company offers all therapists we work with free access to the e-learning modules of the Therapeutic Care Foundation's knowledge platform.

    Don't have access yet? Then sign up at https://elearning.therapeutic-care.eu.

  3. Practice page for extra convenience

    For all therapists working with Nutrition Company, we can create a practice page for free.

    On this page we will display your practice information, your logo and/or photo, plus a brief description. Of course everything as you wish.
    We link this page (e.g. nutritioncompany.eu/yourpractice) to your own website for extra findability in Google.

    Besides the practice info, we can also show a selection of products on this page.

    For example, think of the basic supplement you prescribe a lot, or products around a specific theme that your clients often use.
    This makes ordering and prescribing even easier.

    Interested in having your own page at Nutrition Company?
    Let us know soon, it's completely free.