Privacy and security

Like you, Nutrition Company believes it is important to safeguard everyone’s privacy. Of course, in some cases it is necessary to share data with each other. This document will explain which data we collect and store, when we do so, and for what purpose.

You transmit your personal data to us when you place an order or when you ask us a question about a product or service. We only transmit your data to third parties if this is strictly necessary for what we must do for you. For example, if we have your parcel delivered by a courier service we must transmit your address details to that company.

What do we need your data for?

Delivery of your order
To deliver your order we need your name, email address, address(es), payment details, and your phone number. This allows us to have your order delivered and keep you informed of its progress. We also transmit your data – as required – to third parties if necessary, for example to deliver services.

Your account in our online store
We store data in your account on, including your name, address(es), telephone number, e-mail address, delivery and payment details, and additional information provided by you. This saves you from re-entering this data every time you want to place an order. We also store data on your previous orders so that you can easily access them and place a repeat order if desired.

Customer service
You can call, chat with, and e-mail us. In order to quickly help you with any questions, we use your data and take notes that we store. This is useful if you contact us again.

You can sign up for our monthly newsletter. This will keep you up to date with the latest product news, recent changes to our range, and great promotions. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletters, simply unsubscribe via the newsletter. To do so, you can click on the option to unsubscribe, which is always at the bottom of the footer, or you can contact our customer service department. They will make sure that you do not receive any more newsletters.

It is also possible to contact Nutrition Company via Whatsapp by using number +31652844675. For more information about Whatsapp's data processing, see Whatsapp’s Privacy Policy at

Utterly secure
The data that you transmit to us is securely stored. We only use software that encrypts data for storage and transmission. Our equipment is also securely stored. In addition, you may appreciate knowing that all our employees have signed a confidentiality agreement and therefore handle your data responsibly.

Nutrition Company uses analytical cookies to make shopping at or visiting Nutrition Company even easier and more personal. These cookies help us better understand which topics you find interesting, enabling us to improve and customize our online store as necessary.

Two kinds of cookies, called an analytical and functional cookie, is used on

Nutrition Company uses these analytical cookies to determine where our visitors are from, which operating system they use, what people are looking for, etc. This information is very important to us, as it enables us to optimize the online store and make the online store more user-friendly. Nutrition Company uses Google Analytics and Hotjar as a tool for this purpose.

The measured data will be processed anonymously (without your IP address) and will never be transmitted to third parties unless we are legally obliged to do so. We always adhere to the guidelines of the College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (Dutch Data Protection Authority).

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Nutrition Company uses these functional cookies to improve the usability of the website. Nutrition Company uses Zendesk as a tool for this purpose.

__zlcmid: This cookie is used by Zendesk. Store visitor's ID for widget's authentication

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We use Zendesk for our customer support chat. Zendesk is an online helpdesk service provider and provides a system for tracking, prioritizing and solving customer support requests across multiple channels, bringing customer information and interactions into one place.

If you choose to contact our customer service by chat, your personal information will be transmitted automatically to Zendesk. By using our chat, you agree to the transmission of personal information required for answering your service request. The personal information exchanged with Zendesk is your name, e-mail address, location, IP address and any additional information you choose to provide as part of your service request.

For more information about Zendesk’s data processing, see Zendesk’s Privacy Policy at


Hotjar assists its users/customers in providing their end users with a better experience and service as well as assist them in diagnosing technical problems and analyzing user trends. Most importantly, through Hotjar’s services, the functionality of the Hotjar Enabled Site can be improved, making them more user-friendly, more valuable, and simpler to use for the end users.

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You can get more information about Hotjar by visiting the ‘about Hotjar’ section of their support site at

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If you have any questions about our cookie policy, we would be glad to answer them! You can reach us by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or by calling +31 (0)457009702