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Douglas Laboratories

Douglas Laboratories has been a household name in the field of food supplements for over 60 years. The American company is seen as a leader in the development of high-quality, innovative and scientifically based supplements. In the Netherlands, Douglas Laboratories is represented by Nutrition Company BV. Douglas products are available to both physicians and health-conscious consumers.

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  1. Opti-EPA Enteric Coated 60 Softgels
    Opti-EPA Enteric Coated
    60 softgels
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    € 39,95
  2. Quell Fish Oil EPA/DHA Plus D 60 Softgels
    Qüell Fish Oil - High EPA + DHA w/Vitamin D3
    Expecting new stock
    € 75,95
  3. Ultra GLA 90 Softgels
    Ultra GLA 90 softgels
    90 Softgel
    Expecting new stock
    € 66,75
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