Curcuma Resveratrol Liposomé 300 ml

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Curcuma Resveratrol Liposomal 300ml

Curcuma Resveratrol Liposome is composed of resveratrol which reduces cardiovascular risk due to its anti-cholesterol and thinning action. It also exerts an antioxidant action.

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Nutrients Liposomal
Shape Liposomal
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Product composition 

Ingredients: CJR (8 ml / d)

* Phospholipids (extracts from Helianthus Annuus)  : 1,040.00 mg

* Curcumin (extracted from Curcuma Longa)  : 160.00 mg

* Resveratrol (Vitis Vinifera extract) : 60.00 mg

Purified water, Malic acid, Orange flavor (natural origin), Ascorbic acid.

Weight: 8,000.00 mg



300 ml bottle.