Atremorine is an innovative dietary supplement rich in levodopa of 100% natural origin that promotes both mobility and fluidity of movements and also promotes the protection of cells from oxidative stress and free radicals.

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A-Tremorine is a dietary supplement, rich in L-Dopa, of natural origin that helps with tremor problems thanks to: 

•  The increase in the levels of deficient substances due to the active ingredients of natural origin 
•  And the duration of the effects. 

A-Tremorine is made from the broad bean (Vicia faba). The technological process used to obtain this powder preserves all the properties of the plant. 

Product composition
For 4 measuring spoons of 2,50 g.
Vicia faba - (Honey bean): 9,967.00 mg
Vitamin E: 33.00 mg

Suggested use
Recommended dosage : 5 to 20 g / day. Mix 2 measuring spoons Atremorine (= 5 g) with semi-solid food (e.g. yoghurt, fruit compote, vegetable cream or similar). Do not mix with water or liquid.

•  For classic treatment: reduce L-Dopa and supplement with A-tremorine in an amount of: 5 g in the morning or 5 g in the morning and afternoon or 10 g in the morning and afternoon.
•  Dopamine deficiency: 1 gram of A-tremorine per day.
•  Memory problem: 2 to 3 grams of A-tremorine per day.

Note: This dietary supplement does not cause side effects and is recommended for everyone.

At what time of day?
In test phase:
If Atremorine is new to you, we recommend that you take it twice a day. For example, you can start with 7.5 g before breakfast or in the morning around 10-11am, which is 3 full measuring spoons, and supplement in the afternoon with a 2.5 g measuring spoon between 3pm and 5pm.

For regular doses after the test phase:
After the test phase, we recommend that you take 2 doses a day outside of meals:
Just before or at the beginning of breakfast or during the morning and the other in the afternoon. We also have clients who take a dose in the evening and report better sleep quality and regeneration. But over time, depending on your needs and the organization of your days, you can of course adapt these tips. We recommend that you experiment with different schedules to optimize the effects of Atremorine on your body.

Which method of administration?
Mixed with food: you can mix the powder with yogurt, fruit puree, rice products or other food with a similar texture. Some of our customers report good results with a mixture in oil (for example, coconut oil or olive oil). Be careful not to use the product in too liquid media (water, milk, fruit juice) and not to heat it, this can change the active ingredients and thus reduce the effects.

Perfect Health Solutions' A-Tremorine contains a bottle of 75 grams of powder.

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