Orthi Mucos


Nutritional supplement based on whey proteins
Dietary supplement based on whey proteins. Contains colostrum, lactoferrin and L-glutamine and the minerals calcium and magnesium. Calcium supports the maintenance of healthy digestion.

•  Protein mix based on whey protein.
•  With colostrum, lactoferrin and L-glutamine
•  For 10 days (four scoops) or daily (two scoops) use

200 grams of powder
€ 33,95
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More Information

More Information
Nutrients Probiotics
Contra indication Do not use if pregnant or nursing.
Product features Vegetarian
Contains no Gluten, Yeast, Soy protein, Artificial coloring, Artificial flavoring, Artificial fragrances, Synthetic preservatives, Sucrose
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Orthi Mucos is a protein mix that you can use for 10 days or every day, in appropriate doses. Some proteins your body makes itself, others you get from a healthy and varied diet. Proteins can be found in meat, fish, milk, grain products, legumes and mushrooms, among others. Besides proteins based on whey protein concentrate, Orthi Mucos also contains choline, L-glutamine, colostrum and the minerals magnesium and calcium. The powder has a neutral taste. Suitable for vegetarians.

Calcium supports the maintenance of healthy digestion. In addition, magnesium helps build body protein and contributes to the production of cells and tissues. The choline present supports the cleansing action by the liver.

Orthi Mucos from Orthica contains whey, L-glutamine, minerals, choline bitartrate, colostrum, L-taurine, lactoferrin (from cow's milk).

Orthi Mucos by Orthica does not contain yeast, sucrose, synthetic preservatives, synthetic colors, flavors and fragrances. Suitable for vegetarians.

Suggested use
The recommended dosage is 20 grams per day (four scoops) for 10 days. Mix preferably with a protein shaker with (almond, soy) milk or fruit juice. The recommended dose for daily use is 10 grams per day (two scoops). Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Do not use during pregnancy(swens) or lactation. Store dry and at room temperature, out of reach of children. A dietary supplement cannot replace a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Four scoops (20 grams) contain:  
Whey powder 17 g
   choline bitartrate 340 mg
Minerals (elemental quantity)  
calcium (from seaweed) 228 mg
magnesium (-oxide) 156 mg
l-glutamine 1000 mg
l-taurine 200 mg
colostrum 300 mg
lactoferrin 48 mg


Orthi Mucos by Orthica contains 200 grams of powder.

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