Omega 3 Krillolie


100% pure krill oil, easy to absorb1
The krill oil is 100% pure and contains the fish fatty acids DHA and EPA. The krill oil has no fish flavor and naturally contains astaxanthin.

•  Contains fish fatty acids EPA and DHA
•  Good absorbable omega 3 fatty acids
•  No fish taste
•  Contains ECO Harvesting label
•  With astaxanthin

60 mini softgels Softgel
€ 40,95
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More Information

More Information
Nutrients Omega-3 fatty acids and other fatty acids
Shape Softgel
Contra indication Do not use if pregnant or nursing.
Contains no Gluten, Yeast, Soy protein, Artificial coloring, Artificial flavoring, Artificial fragrances, Synthetic preservatives, Sucrose, Lactose
Artikelen per verpakking 1


The Health Council recommends 200 mg of fish fatty acids (EPA and DHA) per day, which is equivalent to one serving of fish once a week. Preferably oily fish. Looking for a supplement with fish fatty acids to supplement your diet? Krill oil contains easily absorbable omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA in the form of phospholipids. The krill oil in this supplement is 100% pure and naturally contains astaxantine esters. Per daily dose, this dietary supplement contains 500 mg of krill oil, in easy to swallow mini softgels. Orthica's krill oil has no fish flavor. For vegetarians and vegans, there is Vegetarian Omega-3

Krill is a small, shrimp-like crustacean that lives in the seas around the north and south poles. It feeds on plankton and algae and itself serves as food for larger marine animals and birds, such as seals, penguins and whales. The krill oil in this product comes from ecologically responsible and environmentally friendly fishing. The 100% pure krill oil in this product contains the fish fatty acids DHA and EPA. The omega 3 fatty acid DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal vision1 and plays a role in brain function2.

1. Highly absorbable Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA.
2. The beneficial effect of DHA and EPA is obtained with a daily intake of 250 mg of DHA.

Orthica's Omega 3 Krill Oil contains krill oil (from mollusks and crustaceans), fish gelatin, gelling agent (glycerin), sweetener (sorbitol).

Orthica's Omega 3 Krill Oil does not contain yeast, sucrose, synthetic preservatives, synthetic colors, flavors and fragrances.

Suggested use
The recommended dosage is 2 mini softgels per day, unless otherwise advised. Preferably take during a meal. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Contains sweeteners. Do not use during pregnancy(swens) or lactation. A food supplement cannot replace a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Two mini softgels contain:  
krill oil (containing omega-3 fatty acids) 1000 mg
- fiepa (eicosapentaenoic acid) 120 mg
- ¹dha (docosahexaenoic acid) 55 mg
- phospholipids 400 mg
- astaxanthine esters 100 mcg
ECO-Harvesting™ is a registered trademark of Aker BioMarine.  


Orthica's Omega 3 Krill Oil contains 60 mini softgels.

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