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Vitamin K1 & D3 drops especially for infants
Vitamin K1 & D3 drops especially for breastfed infants. Contains per daily dose exactly the amounts of vitamin D and K recommended by the Health Council for your baby. The recommendation is to give babies who are fully breastfed from day 8 until 3 months of age 150 micrograms of extra vitamin K. In addition, the recommendation is to give babies and toddlers up to 4 years 10 micrograms of extra vitamin D.

•  Drop form for during/after a feeding
•  Neutral taste, without sugars or sweeteners
•  Does not contain the adjuvant (antioxidant E310)
•  In convenient oil drops

10 ml liquid
€ 18,96
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More Information

More Information
Nutrients Vitamins
Contra indication Anticoagulants
Product features Vegetarian
Contains no Gluten, Yeast, Soy protein, Milk/Dairy , Artificial coloring, Artificial flavoring, Artificial fragrances, Synthetic preservatives, Sucrose
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Are you fully breastfeeding? Breast milk is complete nutrition, tailored to your little one. Yet the Health Council recommends that breastfed infants be given extra vitamin D as well as extra vitamin K. These vitamins are rarely found in breast milk, and vitamin K cannot be synthesized by your baby until the third month. Therefore, it is recommended that babies who are fully breastfed be given 150 micrograms of vitamin K and 10 mcg of vitamin D extra from the 8th day.

K&D Drops by Orthica contains exactly the daily dosage of vitamin D and K recommended by the Health Council. Both vitamins are soluble in fat, in this case cottonseed oil was used. K&D drops contains vitamin D3 because this form of vitamin D is absorbed more efficiently than vitamin D2.

Vitamin D is necessary for the normal growth and development of children's bones. In addition, vitamin D has a positive influence on the immune system of children. Your baby receives the first dose of vitamin K from the midwife shortly after birth. From day 8 you can give the drops yourself.

Orthica's K&D oil drops contains cottonseed oil, vitamins.

The K&D oil drops of Orthica does not contain yeast, sucrose, synthetic preservatives, synthetic colors, flavors and fragrances. Suitable for vegetarians.

Suggested use
The recommended dosage is 5 oil drops K&D per day, unless otherwise advised. Preferably administer to your child during or after a feeding. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Consult an expert when using anticoagulants.


Five K&D drops:  
vitamin K1 150 mcg
vitamin D3 10 mcg


Orthica's K&D oil drops contains 10 milliliters of liquid.