B2 100 mg

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Energy Production

Vitamin B-2, also known as Riboflavin, is a member of the B-vitamin family. It occurs naturally in green vegetables, liver, kidneys, wheat germ, milk, eggs, cheese and fish. Riboflavin is an important enzyme cofactor necessary for energy production from carbohydrate, fat, and protein. It is also needed for the regeneration of glutathione, which supports the body's natural defense mechanisms and detoxification systems.

  • Helps maintain healthy skin.
  • Good for the nervous system and vision.
  • Helps reduce fatigue.
100 capsules Kapsler
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Næringsstoffer Vitamin B
Indhold Kapsler
Produktegenskaber Non-GMO
Indeholder ikke Hvede, Gluten, Soja, Mælk og Mejeriprodukter, æg, Fisk, Skaldyr, Nødder
Artikelen per verpakking 1


Amount per Serving (1 capsule)   %NRV*
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 100 mg 7.143%

* NRV is Nutrient Reference Value.

Ingredients: Filler (Rice flour), Vitamin, Capsule wall (Gelatin (beef/pig)), Anti-caking agents (Silicon dioxide, Magnesium stearate).

Recommended daily intake B2 100 mg: adults take 1 times daily 1 capsule, or as recommended by your healthcare professional. Preferable taken during a meal.

Don’t exceed the (recommended) dosage. Nutritional supplements cannot replace a healthy way of life or a balanced diet. Natural variety in color or smell of this product is possible.

Store in a cool (but not in the refrigerator), dry place and keep out of reach of young children.

Possible alternatives are B2 100m mg (Orthica) and 201 Riboflavine (50 mg)(AOV).

Contains: 100 capsules.