Arginine and Ornithine 500 mg / 250 mg

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Supports Protein Metabolism

  • Combination of two essential amino acids.
  • Ornithine can be made from arginine.
  • Arginine is the precursor of citrulline, proline and glutamic acid.
100 capsules Kapsler
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Næringsstoffer Aminosyrer
Indhold Kapsler
Produktegenskaber Non-GMO
Indeholder ikke Hvede, Gluten, Soja, Mælk og Mejeriprodukter, æg, Fisk, Skaldyr, Nødder
Artikelen per verpakking 1


Amount per serving (3 capsules)  
L-Arginine (free form) 1.500 mg
L-Ornithine (HCI) 750 mg

* Nutrient Reference Values (NRV) not established.

Ingredients: Amino acids, Capsule wall (Gelatin (beef/pig)), Anti-caking agent (Magnesium stearate).

Recommended daily intake for Arginine and Ornithine 500 mg / 250 mg: as a dietary supplement, adults take 1-3 times daily 1 capsules. Preferable taken on an empty stomach.

Don’t exceed the (recommended) dosage. Nutritional supplements cannot replace a healthy way of life or a balanced diet.

Store in a cool (but not in the refrigerator), dry place and keep out of reach of young children. Natural variety in color or smell of this product is possible.

Possible alternatives are L-Arginine and L-Arginine 500 mg.

Contains: 100 capsules.